Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith

Born and raised in York, Patrick initially studied at Leeds Metropolitan University before gaining a scholarship to train at Utrecht School of the Arts, acquiring specialist knowledge in all aspects of printmaking and painting.

During the past 10 years, Patrick has become established both as an educationalist working at several colleges and as a practicing Fine artist. His works are collected both in private and public exhibitions in the UK and abroad and he has won many prizes including the John Purcell London paper prize and the William Tier memorial award for landscape.

Much of Patrick’s inspiration is eclectic but seeds of thought can be traced back to his industrial heritage as an engineer along with his keen interest in sculpture. Abiding influences can therefore be ascribed to constructivists like Vladimir Tatlin and later British modernists John Piper, Ben Nicholson, Victor Passmore and more recently, Spanish artist, Eduardo Chillida.

Patrick’s work has evolved over many years of sensitive observation and deliberation regarding material and process. He is primarily concerned with surface, visual texture and its relationship with edges. Drawing on an industrial background, structure plays an important role in his unfolding language, as does his use of colour, exploring harmony linked to composition.

His recent work exploits the direct process of mono-printing where the happy accident and element of a chance mark are given free reign along with mixed media work.

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