Phil Reynolds

Phil Reynolds

Phil Reynolds graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in Fine Art in 1997. He completed his degree at the age of 33 and had previously worked in removals and as a self employed bookmaker.


‘Artworks represent a kind of unfettered engagement with an audience that stands aside from hierarchy or ego’

His work straddles the figurative and abstract domains. He is a keen life drawer, but sees this as a vehicle for less literal work. At the core of these works is both raw and considered mark-making. The works embody the experience and tensions faced by the painter and seek to unearth some of the otherness of being. This is a personal journey into light, paint, and the wrestle with existence.

He is a regular life drawer and teaches private art classes.

“I like to think that my works are small parts of a larger evolving dialogue. My works feel connected to sound or music and I see a link in a quote by Brian Eno in an internet conversation with David Bowie in 1994”.
‘I always liked records that faded up as well as down, so you felt that what you were hearing was part of a bigger and unknowable thing that existed somewhere out in the ether, but to which you couldn’t have access… as though this piece of music was like a comet that had just entered your atmosphere for a while but then spun off again into its own orbit.’
Brian Eno

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