October 11, 2016

We’re set to exhibit en masse some of the most thickly applied impasto with which which we’ve ever endowed our white walls. Barry De More, Guernsey born and Elland based, brings his latest collection of oil bejewelled cityscapes to the keenly anticipated duo show, ‘Barry De More, Dave Pearson: Modern Masters’. The show launches on Saturday 15th October as an offshoot of its parent exhibition, ‘Modern Masters: Contemporary Painters of the North’. which also featured work from Jake Attree (work acquired from a Private Collector for resale), Doug Binder, Harry Malkin, Freya Horsley, Jo Brown, David Baumforth and Dave Pearson. The next 5 shows at According to McGee will be a cultural drip feed of the eponymous masters – and the riff begins with the dovetailing of the work of Dave Pearson and Barry De More.

“Barry’s work is succulent, beautifully composed and gorgeously applied,” says gallery co-director Ails McGee, “I visited him in his studio over a year ago and was blown away by the heft of his painterly technique, and just how well his approach represents contemporary painting.”
Barry’s work can be found in private collections including the Royal Collection after being invited by Calderdale College of Art to present Prince Andrew with a painting from his Foundry Series, 2003. 
With 35 years of experience, publication’s include : ‘From the Academies to the Rising Sun; The Influence of Japanese Art on the Later Work of Degas and Van Gogh.’ Says Barry, “My work is influenced by Constable, Turner, Sickert, The Impressionists, Auerbach and Kossoff.”
“The main focus of interest is street scenes. There are figures in the public spaces, which interests me, the interplay of architecture and people moving. Buildings and architecture from the local area of Elland and West Yorkshire also fascinate me.”
The paint’s texture and application is just as important as the subject matter. Although the paintings look simple it is a complex process to bring them to completion. Ails is delighted with how they hang in her gallery. “The light in this front gallery is thick and gentle and brings out the trembling texture of the impasto. It’s not every painter who can make his work look just as fabulous and layered from a distance as from up close, and Barry manages it with a real sense of joy.”
The duo exhibition runs until 07/11/16. Ails is looking forward to the synergy btween De More and the much missed Dave Pearson (Pearson died in 2008). “We’re big, big fans of Pearson’s output, and we we’ve represented him in York for the last four years or so. This is an opportunity to bring a new outlook to his collection, indeed it brings a new dimension to De More’s work. Both artists reflect each other in interesting ways.”
After ‘Barry De More, Dave Pearson: Modern Masters’, Doug Binder takes the helm with ‘Doug Binder: From the Life’. For more details contact
NEXT WEEK: Observing the colours of Dave Pearson’s calendar customs.
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