Jake Attree in ‘Modern Masters’, According to McGee, York

August 20, 2016

‘Modern Masters’ is a celebration of painting and drawing. Performance Art, Video Installations, Conceptualism are all great, but this is stuff to quicken the heart of collectors all over the UK. The Northern art scene is in rude health. Make sure you come over and check it out.

We are exhibiting for the first time the work of Jake Attree. Acquired from a private collector for resale, the 3 paintings, ‘Looking Towards Howick from Cullernose Point, Northumberland’, and the two ‘New York street scenes with figures’, are culled from Attree’s earlier period, 1990. It is an exciting opportunity for art lovers and collectors of all things beautiful and internationally well regarded to make a purchase from one of York’s brightest cultural imports.

Jake Attree will exhibit alongside Doug Binder, Barry de More, David Baumforth, Lesley Birch, Jo Brown, Freya Horsley, Dave Pearson. We launch with a Private View on Saturday 10th September: please contact greg@accordingtomcgee.com for details.

A New York street scene with figures, 203.4 x 139.8 cm

New York street scenes with figures, 203.4 x 139.8 cm

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