September 06, 2016

After a successful solo shows inWorkhouse Fine Art, London, Crossley Gallery, Dean Clough, Halifax, and game changing group exhibitions in Dykeman Young Gallery, New York,  and ‘Ljosnott’, Reykjavik, Iceland, Jo Brown brings once again to According to McGee her thrilling new sequence of paintings, ‘Brownfield’, ‘Sand Shanty’, and ‘Tide Swell’. Gestural and eminently pictorial, her balance between coincidence and control is reminiscent of the seemingly serendipitous splashes of Pollock: what seems elemental is in fact highly disciplined mark making. With her work housed in numerous public collections, including Deutsche Bank, London, and The Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield, JoBrown‘s universally well regarded paintings are as increasingly important to a younger generation of image makers as they are to collectors of all things of slow burning beauty.

Rather than painting plein-air, Jo prefers to take photographs. “I tend to work afterwards in the studio, when I’ve had time to reflect on my experiences, rather than doing ‘scene’ painting,” she says. “I also like the accidental and unconscious to come through and painting this way gives it the chance to do that. Weeks and months and years go by before the paintings emerge, and although thought comes into the creative process, it isn’t the primary thing. It’s hard to describe what the primary influence is but it’s somewhere between a struggle and intuition.”

Gallery director Greg McGee is delighted with Jo Brown’s latest output, “She has a poetic and a risk taking approach, which chimes well with the rest of the collection and our collectors. She is a true professional, her work at Dean Clough Galleries has always been top notch. I agree with Dean Clough’s much respected Art Coordinator Victor Allen – there’s a sense of bottled joy in her mark making. Says Victor Allen,  “The fact that Jo is widely collected (by municipal galleries as much as private collectors) and pays homage to Turner, Matisse, Heron, John Hoyland… offers a reassuring set of imprimaturs to those made nervous by abstract work. However, all they really need to do is access the paintings in the same disembarrassed spirit that Jo creates them. Here is pleasure, excitement and joy.”

Jo Brown is included in BBC’s ‘Your Paintings’:



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