The bids start now: Lord Mayor of York’s Art Auction

November 23, 2016

Many thanks for the Lord Mayor of York for being such a cool cat. Many thanks to York’s City Screen for us to festoon their Sky Lounge with some the crispest, most collectible art on the scene. Many thanks to York Mix and York Press for spreading the love. And now we are ready: all work is available for purchase via bids. You can email us at or call/text us on 07973653702. All work is available for digital perusal via the silicon stream and its primordial behemoth, Facebook:

Join us! Sunday 27th November, 8pm, City Screen. All bids welcome, all proceeds go the Lord Mayor’s Charities.

See you Sunday.

lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee000 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee003 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee007 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee013 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee014 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee017 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee018 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee019 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee020 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee021 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee024 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee026 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee030 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee031 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee033 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee034 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee035 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee036 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee037 lord-mayor-according-to-mcgee039

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