Home and the Horizon

‘Home and the Horizon’ sees nationally celebrated artist Freya Horsley return with her final collection for 2021 of neon-primed seascapes.

Gallerist Ails McGee continues ‘Affirmations’, a series of paintings celebrating the simple pleasures of tea at home, and we introduce Devon based painter and printmaker Jennifer Bennett, who fuses landscapes and the memories evoked from walking in them.

Julia Poulton reveals her new collection of luminous oil paintings.

‘Home and the Horizon’ is an exhibition to remind us that Nature not only heals, it galvanises and kindles.

And in a time when hurrying into a day filled with coffee and deadlines is the norm, a quiet cup of tea on the couch can be a countercultural act.

Art makes life more interesting than Art. The art scene in York has never been better. All artwork is affordable and available for purchase. View them here:

As well as the new exhibition, we continue to showcase the collections of David Baumforth, Simon Crawford, Amrik Varkalis, and ex-miner Harry Malkin.

Own Art! We relaunch our Own Art campaign, bringing art straight from the gallery walls to the walls of the collector’s home, 0% finance, paid for in monthly instalments. 


Leaving A Trace

mixed media on canvas, 80 x 80cm (framed)  

Sold Out


23x23cm 2021 signed acrylic & mixed media on board framed     


Return to the sea

23x23cm  2021 signed  acrylic & mixed media on board framed     



Acrylic and mixed media on canvas 2021   15 x 15cm


Ebbing Light

mixed media on canvas 60x80cm



mixed media on canvas, 24 x 54cm

Sold Out


mixed media on canvas, 30 x 60cm



Mixed media on canvas 50 x 32 cm

Sold Out

Drawing In

Original mixed medium on paper  White frame with clarity glass  85 x 65 cm   



  mixed media on canvas, 23 x 53cm (framed)

Sold Out

Last wish of the day III

15x15cm 2020 signed acrylic & mixed media on board

Sold Out


23x23cm 2021 signed acrylic & mixed media on board framed     

Sold Out