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Thomas Kitching was educated in Fine Art at the University of Teesside, graduating with First class honours. His work is filtered through his North East working class experiences, interfusing mischief and elegant nihilism with classical compositions from the pastoral or Renaissance tradition. Thus we get a Constable-esque landscape adorned with the golden arches of a McDonalds; a Georgian assembly room with dancers warming up to the flashing lights of a DJ booth with 'Dance & Danceability'; ancient Greek philosophers trying to cheer each other up with balloon party tricks in 'Balloons Used to Make You Happy'.
These replicas of canonical classics provide a dark, witty and collectible alternative. Building on the groundswell of critical praise garnered in North East underground exhibitions such as Picasso Baby, Pineapple Black and Disgraceland, this collection, 'Tainted' shows an artist at the top of his game and is a timely reappraisal of the pantheon of Great Artists. 

All work is available for purchase through the OWN ART 0% finance scheme.

Front gallery exhibition 26/02 - 14/03



Colin Brown