a new exhibition

What: ‘Coast: the Marks left by the Sea’.

Who: David Austin Duckworth, David Baumforth and Janie Steven release new collections, with all art available for purchase.

When: Saturday 7th May, 12pm - 4pm. 

Where: According to McGee, opposite Clifford's Tower, York.

More: our painters, ceramicists and sculptors collaborate on our annual celebration of the UK’s coast and the tiny crenulations left by spray, light, and wind. Not everybody managed to get to the beach last summer, so experiencing ‘Coast’ is the next best thing. David Austin Duckworth’s paintings are alive with light and turquoise seas, and his Raku fired ceramics ache with how precious is nature, and Janie Stevens’ ‘Imperfect’ series is a paean to simplicity and how nature never does ugly. 

There are also studies on natural textures left by the weather from our gallerist Ails McGee and Devonshire artist Jennifer Bennett.

Art makes life more interesting than Art. The art scene in York has never been better. All artwork is affordable and available for purchase. View them here:



Kimbal Bumstead

richard Barnes

julia poulton

freya horsley

blustery day on Penwith

David Austin Duckworth

blustery day on Penwith


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Jennifer Bennett




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