Chris Rivers: Painter, Visionary, Artist at Dream Catcher Magazine

By According To McGee Admin

Chris Rivers: Painter, Visionary, Artist at Dream Catcher Magazine

Gallery co-director Greg McGee is HONOURED to have been Art Advisor for internationally well regarded poetry magazine, 'Dream Catcher' for the last 5 years.

Here below is his foreword for a 2018 issue featuring the art of one of the hottest painters in the UK, Chris Rivers.

Simultaneously ethereal and strident, the paintings of Chris Rivers are immediate. It is the paint and how it is pushed around that instantly unsettle: his painting provides Chris with an un-alienated means of production and the viewer the feeling of unmediated experience. Both these things are increasingly rare in our ever more electronic digitised epoch. As such, his landscapes connect, and the uncanny aspects, in the hands of a lesser artist discombobulating, feel familiar and somehow reassuring: the black of the buildings or the shadow in the cloud palpable and ascribable in an otherwise fragmented world. The glimmer of light in the mess is what endows it with a contemporary heft, and the fact of its painterly mark making unquestionably provides something (a human immediacy?) that we still want.

Chris Rivers' paintings are available here:

Greg McGee, 2018