Emily Powell is a dynamic and expressive painter. Her work is filled with energy, from vast skies of broad brushstrokes to lively line work sketching out the land below. Ever present in Emily’s work is the joy of experience. Through free and loose compositions, vibrant with colour and gestural marks, she expresses the pleasure of being a part of a landscape or home, a moment as it stands apart from the next or simply the arrival of a cup of tea. 

Living in Devon, the natural world is fundamental to her practice and Emily regularly heads out to paint and sketch en plein-air. Repeated trips and thorough preparation in her studio beforehand afford her the ability to capture moments in time that she can share. Marking down on canvas a passing breeze, the warmth of sunlight on the back of her neck or the fleeting movement of clouds, Emily invites the viewer to become a part of her world.

Emily has already collaborated with prestigious institutions including the British Museum, National Galleries of Scotland, Museum of Modern Art (New York), Gallery of Modern Art (Glasgow) and L. Cornellisen & Sons on a range of commercial projects. Emily enjoys collaborative working and welcomes applications to work with her in the future.

Emily Powell - Bright North York Moors

Bright North York Moors


Emily Powell - All For You

All For You

Sold Out

Emily Powell - Ochre North York Moors

Ochre North York Moors


Emily Powell - North York Moors

North York Moors


Emily Powell - Salcombe to Gara Rock Walk

Salcombe to Gara Rock Walk