Janie Stevens is a celebrated sculptor based in the North of England. Says Janie about this collection, 'Imperfect', "Direct carving is a way of freeing the spirit – my own, and the spirit of the stone. I really enjoy observing how the stone changes as the light falls – pure alchemy! My work is hand carved, original and above all tactile. Sculpture is not just for the eyes; touch, feel and stroke too and connect with the natural stone.
I take inspiration from Hepworth, Moore and Cragg. I am driven by shape, tactility and emotion, three-dimensional form excites me as I continually test my understanding of the natural world. I work with local quarried stone – both in limestone and soapstone.
My aim is to create art that seems incomplete, impermanent and imperfect, which therefore aesthetically has no limitations to its beauty and simplicity."

janie stevens - Reclining Figure

Reclining Figure


janie stevens - LISTENING EYE



janie stevens - GRECIAN ( WINGED VICTORY)



janie stevens - LAKES TO OCEANS