Ails McGee, Interior Design Inspirations

By Greg McGee

Ails McGee, Interior Design Inspirations


Ails sat down with The Connoisseur to discuss interior design derring do


How do you make interior decisions in your home?


It's funny, they’re not decisions, they’re more arrivals, a mixture of choices that come from an array of creative thoughts. I might be ripping magazines or mixing paint for my sketchbook, or starting or finishing a painting, or rearranging the pots on a shelf, and it's like the ripples spread. The goal is to find a sense of peace in my pastime, and once that’s achieved the interior choices arrive organically.


Do influencers influence you?


They don’t, in the sense that style is so much more important than fashion to me. We have all benefited from the opening up of the conversation, and it’s easier now than ever to put time aside and think and talk seriously about how life is simply made better by carefully thought out surroundings, credit must go to the trailblazers of Feng Shui for that, but the word ‘influence’ is too specific for me. Like I say, it is more about how the ripples spread.


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