Hygge with Greg McGee

By Greg McGee

Hygge with Greg McGee

...Greg enthused that one great thing about being forced to stay at home, due to coronavirus UK lockdown, is that domestic beauty has been finally and fully democratised. He went on to explain that though Interior Design used to be so upmarket, in the late 90s people began to discussing it over coffee, over a pint and in the car. He said: “This new confidence was symptomatic of a public who had begun to take Home Life more seriously. Rather than just decorating a room, we planned it, composed it and allowed it to sing.”


The gallery owner explained that interior design is much like dealing Art as there is the inception of the idea, the execution and the exhibition. Greg described that a great house demands to be shown off, much like a painting. He believes that a home must be a welcome sanctuary that recharges you and that ‘home is the second most emotive word in the English language after 'mother'. Like ‘mother’ it should give you a big hug and tell you it's all going to be okay’.


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