Contemporary Painting: Kiraly Nikoletta

By Greg McGee

Contemporary Painting: Kiraly Nikoletta

Sometimes a painting can arrive like less of a rendering than a spatial, muscular event. That’s why we as gallerists like Painting more than any other visual gesture. It has heft and an external manifestation, like all great art happenings should, AND you can buy it, take it home, and live with it.

The rumours of Painting’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Painting is in fine fettle and we are planning to bring the best of it to York from September onwards. 

This one, from Kiraly Nikoletta, has helped pave the way for our curators and stable of painters: if you want to witness the solid bulk of semi-transparent light rendered like iridescence, look closely and marvel.

The resurgence of Contemporary Painting is about to heat up.