Scarborough painter David Finnigan's art is instantly recognisable. “He observes his subject and then breaks what he sees down into components, exaggerating certain aspects while retaining the realism of others. It’s a unique, idiosyncratic dedication to harnessing his own vision.”

David explains: “Although, in recent years, my paintings have been rooted in the traditions of photorealism painting, I’m now beginning to subvert the idea of a painted version of a photograph by ‘breaking up’ or modulating the picture plane to add new dimensions via careful and intuitive use of colour and graphical composition.

“I feel my work now has more of an affinity with the ‘Precisionists’ rather than the ‘Photorealists’.”

More work is added to this online gallery all the time. In accordance with David's inimitable approach, it will feature an ever evolving collection.

David Finnigan - Critical Mass

Critical Mass

Sold Out

David Finnigan - Oil Study

Oil Study


David Finnigan - Bee-Bop



David Finnigan - Low Pitch

Low Pitch


David Finnigan - Dolphin Hotel

Dolphin Hotel