According to McGee Returns

By Greg McGee

According to McGee Returns

We opened last week.

The response from clients and collectors was, on the day of the relaunch, and has been since, phenomenal.

Our best pals Sarah Cotton and Jon Cotton of  Bang Hair sent us a bouquet of BEAUTIFUL flowers. 

Clare Frisby of BBC Radio York called us on live on the radio and bigged us up to the max. 

Connected York have been in our corner since day dot.  Business owners, take heed: if you haven't given Connected York a call, now's the time. They correspond with your clients in real time, with elegant digital connection. Check 'em!


York Mix have consistently proven they're the one stop shop for cultural news in York, avoiding, as they do, the cookie cutter approach to stories. York Press lost a true lifeline in Charles Hutchinson who, naturally, continues to fly the flame for all things idiosyncratic in this most unique of cities. Check:


and Charles Hutchinson:

Emotional and strategic support from our friends and fellow professionals have been crucial. It's all about the people who lift you UP. Not the people who bring you DOWN (and you know as well as I do that the bullies stick around to get the boot in long into adulthood).

Also - we couldn't have done it without the coffee of The Harlequin Cafe on York’s historic King’s Square. Check The Attic above it too. 

My kind of odds:

70% El Salvador Finca La Fany Washed Bourbon

30% Ethiopia Shakiso Mormora Plantation Washed

'Nuff said.


Keep on coming in! We're open every Saturday.