Horace Panter: White Hot Pop Art in York.

By Greg McGee

Horace Panter: White Hot Pop Art in York.

Horace Panter is our favourite Pop Artist, and indeed bassist. He co-founded The Specials, whose fusion of punk, reggae, and ska created a new musical fashion—spearheaded by their own Two Tone record label—that stood for unity and racial harmony in a polarized society.

Horace Panter has been a massive part of British cultural history, and his Pop Art, in all its crisp, shrewd, controlled anarchy, reflects that.

We're planning on exhibiting a new collection in 2020.

In the meantime, there remain masterpieces in our gallery that we'd love to see go to a good home. You can view them here: https://accordingtomcgee.com/collections/horace-panter - or better still, come over to our gallery, opposite Clifford's Tower, York.

Spread the word! Stocking Fillers are best when they're Ska'd.

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